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Part Number - 05010884AA
Category -  TECH TOOLS
Unit: 3 Oz. Tube
MSQ: 12 Tubes
Part Description

Silicone Rubber RTV developed specifically to retain sealing and adhesion properties when exposed to automatic transmission fluid.

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Empty labled spray bottle plus pail lable Dispensing pump included

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Product Variations
Sealant Applications
Part No. Description MS Color Recommended Usage
04318035AA Gasket Sealant CD78D Brown Coolant
04318083 Gasket Maker CD98D Red Metal to Metal
04773257 Bed Plate Sealant CD98F Green Engine Main Bearings
04883971 Engine RTV GF44B Black Engine Oil
05010884AA ATF-RTV GF41B Black Automatic Transmissions
05013477AA Axel RTV GF46 Gray Axle Section
82300234 World Engine oil/Trans/Glycol Sealant RTV GF44D Gray Gear Lube